Bring new and exciting play possibilities to existing Lego sets, with series 16 of the Lego collection, featuring a desert warrior, penguin boy, ice queen, spy, banana guy, hiker, kickboxer, spooky boy, rogue, cyborg, cute little devil, dog show winner, scallywag pirate, babysitter, wildlife photographer and a mariachi. Each comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, together with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and collector’s leaflet. Every comes with one or more accessories. Collect this exciting new series of Lego characters and create new and wonderful adventures. Combine with Lego building sets for endless play possibilities. Have fun trading with your friends to complete your collection. Please note each ‘mystery’ bag contains 1 of the 16 characters available in this collection. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific. If you purchase more than one ‘mystery’ bag, you may receive 2 or more identical.


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